TATRIT N'TUFAT de Garde-Epee

During the winter of 2002/2003 we decided together with my husband that we are ready to have a dog. I managed to convince him that our choice should be an Azawakh. I've started searching for a proper puppy. It turned out to be a difficult task. I did not manage to find any active Azawakh kennel in Poland. In the neighbouring Czech Republic the puppies were expected only in the autumn of 2003. At first we considered the end of summer a good period to welcome a new puppy at our home. Preceded by a few weeks of intensive Azawakh studies, I could already tell which European kennels get the highest notes and standards, and subsequently the most beautiful puppies.
I wanted a female puppy form Corine Lundqvist, Azawakhs de Garde-Epee, This would mark the beginning of our own kennel. We've also decided that it would be of our preference that the puppy had a high content of original African blood. I've contacted Corine and we decided to wait for the next litter to become available at the end of summer of 2003.

Few days have passed since we've taken our decision and I decided to talk also to another renowned Azawakh breeder from Germany, Gabriele Meissen who is the owner of the Tombouktous kennel


She asked me whether I would consider having a female puppy from the most recent litter of de Garde-Epee. This litter was the outcome of cross-breeding with the Tombouktous (the puppies have 50% of African blood). I could not resist such an opportunity. The puppy was available right away, as the Americans who declared to buy her changed their mind. This was in collision with our original plans however after examining her pedigree and seeing the pictures we've immediately taken the decision.


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Tatrit - 6 tygodni
 Tat - 12 tygodni  TAT - 13 miesięcy
TATRI - 6 weeks, Tat - 12 weeks & TATRIT - 13 months old




I phoned Corine and told her that we've decided and that I'm coming to pay her a visit in two days. My dream of fifteen years ago was about to come true...
On March 22, 2003 I left Prague to Bordeaux, France, to meet Corine Lundqvist.

The next day, on March 23, 2003 TATRIT N'TUFAT (THE MORNING STAR) de Garde-Epee accommodated in a cosy "flying kennel" was sitting with me on the plane to Prague. Since that moment our life brightened up with a brand new light, the light of The Morning Star...


Tatrit has been shown all together in 12 shows. Please click on the "Shows" button to see her results.
She is now a Junior Polish Champion and a Polish Champion. Because she doesn't have three complete generations in her pedigree she cannot get an Int. Ch. title - so I decided not to show her too often any more. She did very well up till now and gave us a lot of joy when winning with some best kennels’ dogs both in Poland and in Czech.